CEA Safety Awards Presented to Rodney Spencley and DPR

Congrats to DPR Construction’s corporate safety director, Rodney Spencley, who has been awarded the 2012 Construction Employers’ Association (CEA) Leadership in Safety Award. The selection was based on measurable results, DPR’s safety program and Rodney’s impact on the construction industry. Additionally, the President’s Award for Safety was presented to DPR for the fourth consecutive year.

When asked about receiving the Leadership in Safety Award, Rodney said, "Our goal is an Injury Free Environment. This isn’t achieved simply by adhering to OSHA and industry regulations; it’s the product of the culture of safety we’ve built at DPR, a culture that believes that zero incidents is an achievable goal.”

Helping safety professionals and safety coordinators become leaders and influencers is important to Rodney. He has trained, mentored and influenced many safety professionals who have gone on to have significant impacts on the safety world both inside and outside of DPR Construction. Rodney has worked tirelessly in the mission to create an injury-free environment (IFE) for DPR and the entire construction industry. Since becoming DPR’s safety director in 1993, Rodney’s leadership and passion for safety has led DPR to be one of the safest contractors in the nation--having one of the lowest incident rates and Experience Modifier Rates (EMRs) year after year. Rodney’s vision has been realized throughout the company and has influenced DPR’s culture, which values safety as a priority that is promoted by each employee.

From the smallest SSG projects to large data centers, Rodney meets with operations groups, owners and customers to help plan for safety and promote the DPR safety culture across all 17 DPR locations. He helps assemble the right safety professionals for the team and then brings the whole group together to find the best ways to succeed in getting everyone home safely. The goal is to create an injury-free environment through planning and adherence to the principles of:

  • Supportive Leadership
  • Personal Commitment
  • Free and Open Lines of Communication
  • Accountability

DPR's Safety Group with both awards -- Rodney (third from left) with his Leadership in Safety Award and DPR's President’s Award for Safety (third from right)

Here's Rodney talking safety:

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