Community Initiatives

Armed with hundreds of community-minded employees, DPR lends skills, 5,000 hours, over the course of 25 consecutive days of volunteerism

A long-standing goal of “being integral and indispensable to the communities where we work” was the impetus for the 25 Days in the Community program to mark DPR’s 25th anniversary. Coast to coast, employees took up the challenge to participate in community projects for 25 consecutive days. While the concentrated effort drew extra attention to DPR’s commitment to community involvement during the challenge month, it also served to highlight the skills-based volunteering and relationships that regional offices maintain year-round with organizations.

“What better way to mark our 25 years of success in business than by amping up our continuing efforts to make a difference in the communities where we work and live?” remarked DPR co-founder Peter Nosler.

Beginning September 8th, DPR volunteers focused their skills, energy and resources on initiatives ranging from remodeling youth centers to upgrading facilities for homeless families, to participation in youth education programs. Altogether, volunteers tallied about 5,000 hours in planning and executing projects to fill vital community needs.

While each outreach event was unique, collectively the results of the 25 Day program included:

  • 15 single- and multi-family residences were renovated for veterans, families transitioning from homelessness and other deserving individuals, enabling them to live safely in their homes.
  • Five youth centers that serve hundreds of teens and children in under-resourced communities were renovated to create inspiring, comfortable spaces to do homework, create art and enjoy being a kid.
  • Eight charitable organizations received supplies of clothing, food and household items to better serve their clients.
  • Four youth groups received hands-on mentoring from DPR volunteers on topics including careers in construction, the science of concrete, and power tool basics.

DPR Foundation president Gavin Keith pointed out that all of the organizations benefitting from the 25 Days in the Community outreach efforts represent long-term relationships.

“All the organizations we worked with during the 25 Days event are groups that we work with all year round,” he commented. “Our approach is to carefully select organizations that really make a difference and work to build long-term relationships with them. We try to provide the best possible assistance to really well-researched organizations that we know are doing a great job in our shared communities.”

While the issues that each regional office focuses on vary across the country, “we particularly prioritize community needs that can benefit from our collective expertise as project planners and hands-on builders,” Keith added.

Visit our community initiatives page to learn more about our ongoing initiatives.