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Peter, Eric, Ron, Doug, Peter
1951-2021 Doug Woods

Remembering the D in DPR

Thank you, Doug for your audacious vision, leadership, unwavering trust and commitment to the greater good. Your distinctive impact on all of us at DPR Construction, the industry and the world around you will continue in our desire to build great things with integrity, enjoyment, uniqueness and ever forward.

It is with a heavy heart that we share that Doug Woods, the D in DPR Construction, passed away peacefully at his home on Wednesday, May 19, at the age of 70.

Doug co-founded DPR with Peter Nosler (The P) and Ron Davidowski (The R) in 1990. The three industry veterans set out to do something different in an industry traditionally resistant to change. Guided by a strong sense of purpose (We exist to build great things) and four core values (integrity enjoyment, uniqueness, ever forward), the “lettermen” as some like to call them set the foundation for what is now the nation’s 10th largest construction company (ENR 2021) with nearly 8,000 employees serving customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Doug Peter and Ron 2015
A Company Founded on Shared Leadership and Learning

The three co-founders have learned a lot from each other over the last 30+ years. Both Doug and Ron have said that they learned patience from Peter—how to slow down and listen and allow others to resolve issues on their own. Doug and Peter learned how to have fun from Ron, along with the importance of building and maintaining relationships which were particularly instrumental in the early days of DPR.

From Doug came the audacious vision. According to Peter and Ron, Doug was the one with the “believe it and it will happen” attitude, and Doug demanded more from himself than anyone. He often said, “you have to be the best at whatever you do. Anything less than that is not good enough.”

Doug Peter Ron

You have to be the best at whatever you do. Anything less than that is not good enough.

Doug Woods

Builder at His Core

Doug loved construction. Born in Ontario, Canada on January 27, 1951, as a son of an engineer, Doug had a true passion for building. “I’ve always loved putting things together… Every house I’ve ever lived in, my parents built from scratch or remodeled. My dad worked for HP in construction and real estate. Being in the construction field is in my blood.”

His passion for building is one of the reasons DPR started as a self-performing general contractor. Back when DPR began in 1990, a lot of companies were moving away from hands-on coordination of details and self-perform work, becoming brokers. Not DPR.

Doug was very proud of the complex, technical and challenging types of projects DPR builds and the work that DPR self performs. He loved being on jobsites and connecting with customers, project teams and builders in the field to learn more about the great things DPR builds every day.

Built Worlds Summit Doug Woods
Taking Care of People

Going hand in hand with his love for construction was his love of people and that love was felt deeply by everyone around him. He was a caring father, partner, mentor, coach, friend. He was “Uncle Doug” to many employees, and a person who lived by the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated. As a founding member of DPR’s Management Committee until 2017 and a member of DPR's Board of Directors, he helped build a company focused on taking care of people.

He often said, “DPR is a customer-focused business. To take care of customers, you need to take care of employees.” It is one of the many reasons why DPR is so passionate about safety and working incident free.

Safety Award Presentation

DPR is a customer-focused business. To take care of customers, you need to take care of employees.

Doug Woods

Ever Forward

DPR is a company built on trust, shared leadership and collaboration. Doug used to always say, “no one is as smart as everyone.” Part of building DPR was to make sure that the company endured from one generation to the next and leadership transitions were executed seamlessly.


There have been a lot of defining moments at DPR, according to Doug, Peter and Ron. Its first ground-up project, a skilled-nursing facility for The Terraces in Los Gatos, CA in 1992. The first time DPR reached $1 billion in annual revenue in 1998. The early 2000s following the collapse of the dot-com bubble, 9/11 and the Enron scandal. This past year operating during a global pandemic and social unrest.

“For us, there has been no single defining moment but a series of opportunities and challenges that have impacted the company DPR is today and made us stronger.”

Ever forward, Doug. DPR will miss you every day.

Words of Wisdom

Doug talks about breaking down barriers and loving what you do every day.

Honoring Doug

For those wishing to honor Doug please consider making a contribution to medical research through the Berina Hawes and Douglas Woods Fund.

To make an online gift, go to: Leave the first two drop downs for Stanford Medicine as is and write in the “Special Instructions/Other Designations” box: Fund GHHMI: The Berina Hawes and Douglas Woods Fund You may also complete the option that the gift is being made “in memory of” Douglas Woods.

To make a gift by check: Please make it payable to Stanford Medicine and include on the memo line or in attached documentation that it is for: Fund GHHMI: The Berina Hawes and Douglas Woods Fund Mail to P.O. Box 20466 Stanford, CA 94309-0466

To make any other type of gift or if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Michele Thompson, [email protected], 408-757-5738.

Our hope is that together we can honor Doug and help fund medical research that makes an impact for generations to come.