Scott Sass traveled west in 1999 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska. Leaving farming and the Nebraska heat behind, he joined the DPR Redwood City office as a project engineer and started building his career working with some of the top high tech and healthcare companies in the world, including Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Hewlett-Packard and Sutter Health. He moved to Texas in 2007 and started leading DPR's Special Services Group (SSG) for the Central region in 2013. Since then, it has grown from a revenue of $40 million a year to a revenue of $172 million.

Having had the opportunity to work with customers in all five of DPR’s core markets on projects totaling more than $1 billion, Scott has a robust understanding of how DPR builds great things. As National SSG Leader, he supports all regions and is a mentor to his teams, helping them achieve great things for themselves, our company and our customers.

  • Farmhand at my Uncle Bob’s Farm, starting at the age of 12. Worked my way up from scrubbing cattle tanks in the hot Nebraska heat. Learned how to operate most of the farm equipment, feed cattle with a tractor and feeder wagon and load the feed with front-end loaders. Even learned how to vaccinate and treat the cattle to keep them healthy.
  • Negril, Jamaica. Married my wife Beth there and go back often.
  • Definitely Math. Shop was a close second, have always loved working with my hands and building things.
  • Ever Forward – Always push the envelop and never accept status quo.

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