One of Rob Westover’s first projects with DPR was a building adjacent to the busy Highway 101 corridor on the San Francisco Peninsula, which his then-toddlers referred to as “daddy’s building.” The project remains a significant landmark for his family to this day, and is a poignant reminder of what Rob loves most about construction – the tangibility of being able to see the results of your hard work so directly. Rob, who joined DPR in 1998, has proven operational and preconstruction expertise, particularly on large-scale projects in the commercial office, advanced technology and healthcare markets. Rob has also led the Bay Area’s Community Initiatives team, helping DPR grow even more integral and indispensable to our communities.

  • Bay Area Business Unit Leader
  • Integrity
  • I love that construction is so tangible. There are not many careers where you see the results of your efforts so directly.
  • Golfnow
  • Science and history
  • Build a great team around you...and trust them to perform.