I remember at a young age, I was inspired by meetings with Doug, Peter or Ron. Whether it was with the type of building we were doing, or a new technology initiative, I would come away with the thought of how great of a company this was, and I hope to be able to give some of our new employees that same feeling.

Growing up on a ranch where there was always something to fix or build, Ray Trebino embraced construction at a young age. After joining DPR in 1994, Ray was inspired by Doug, Peter and Ron and hoped to one day be able to inspire and engage new employees in the same way. Ray has worked in multiple regions and has experience working in all of DPR’s core markets. Most recently, he served as a project executive for our hugely successful $1.5 billion UCSF Medical Center project, which also won ENR’s 2015 National Healthcare Project of the Year award. Now as a Business Unit Leader in the Bay Area, Ray has the opportunity to focus on inspiring and engaging the more than 1,000 professional staff and craft in the region. 

  • Bay Area Business Unit Leader
  • Integrity
  • Working as a shop steward/janitor for my dad’s company
  • Face recognition
  • English and writing
  • Understand most people just want to do the right thing.

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