Peter Nosler

Peter Nosler

The P of DPR Construction, Peter Nosler is one of DPR's three co-founders. In July of 1990, Peter, Doug Woods and Ron Davidowski started DPR and have since nurtured it into a multi-billion dollar company. Peter takes pride in how DPR has always been a learning organization with so many great teachers, beginning with bestselling author Jim Collins, whose research, writings and personal involvement with DPR have made a lasting impact on the company’s unique philosophy and values. Peter sees DPR’s greatest accomplishment as the preservation of its culture amidst tremendous growth, and he is truly amazed at the caliber of DPR’s next-generation leaders that carry on its 25-year legacy.

Peter now serves on the DPR Foundation board, where he helps focus DPR’s unique company skills to support organizations that help under-resourced youth gain the skills and perspective needed to help them realize their full potential. Doug and Ron say they’ve learned patience from Peter – how to slow down, listen and allow others to resolve issues on their own. In November 2015, the three co-founders (the D, P and R) were honored by the San Francisco Business Times with a Most-Admired CEO award.

There are many spectacular stories of individuals, who after coming to work here found out their true capabilities. Several people have gone from pounding nails on a jobsite to becoming integral members of the management team. This represents success, as one underlying concept from the very beginning was to build an entrepreneurial organization, where people can continuously grow.

Peter Nosler


  • Role: DPR Co-Founder (P in DPR)
  • Favorite DPR core value: All the core values of DPR are so very important, but I have to say that "Ever Forward" is my very favorite.
  • What you love about construction: My love for building began when I was 6 years old. My dad was famous for building patio furniture in the basement, but he discovered he couldn’t get it out of the basement without disassembling it. Although my higher education was in science, I never stopped building stuff, so it is only natural that DPR builds great things. Good management is essential (chairs should get through the basement door), but knowing how to build and being a builder is what I love.
  • Your hero: My dad. How he helped me develop the skills that I loved, rather than push me in directions that he loved was truly amazing.
  • Best vacation spot: Any place where you can enjoy your family and totally escape work for a couple of weeks.
  • Word to the wise: If you’re lucky enough to have a passion, stick to it.
Peter Nosler sitting inside a race car.

Peter Nosler, co-founder and P in DPR Construction, passed away peacefully on Friday, November 3, while doing something he loved—traveling with his family. He was 83 years old.

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