Never be afraid to fail. Just make sure you learn from your failures. You learn much more from failure than you do from success.

Matt Murphy knows the value of hard work–his first job was scraping old paint off pumping units in the oil fields of south Texas. Matt began his career in construction as an estimator for a local site work company in Austin before he transitioned into project management. When he joined DPR in 2006, Matt led business development in DPR’s Texas region, continuing to grow DPR’s reputation as a national leader in commercial construction. His favorite memory is seeing the first DPR tower crane rise above downtown Austin, seeing the DPR logo shining ever forward into the night.

  • Commercial Core Market Leader
  • Ever Forward–always be pushing the envelope.
  • Scraping old paint off pumping units in the South Texas oil fields
  • Uber
  • My dad
  • Saying "I can't"

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