The formula for success at DPR is entirely about widening your influence, looking for opportunities to improve the business, grow our people and have a greater impact. Simple yet broad and unlimited.

Derek Kirkland, who grew up with his dad building projects in Saudi Arabia, was awestruck by the scale and impact construction can have on a region. "My dad helped build an entire city from scratch, which inspired me and eventually led me to a career in construction," said Derek. As DPR’s Business Unit Leader in Arizona, Derek first joined DPR in 1997 and has over 26 years of expertise in the U.S. and U.K. construction industries. Derek’s experience consists of a wide variety of healthcare, higher education and life science projects, ranging from cGMP manufacturing facilities and pilot plants to R&D labs. With a passion for developing and growing people, he has helped to lead several people practice initiatives across the company.

  • Arizona Business Unit Leader
  • Ever Forward. I am very competitive and driven to get better, improve and raise my personal bar.
  • The diversity of personalities and the dynamic nature of the process. It's a fantastic challenge every day figuring out how to get those two things in sync.
  • A true seller/doer business, Dun-Kirk Car Wash and Lawn Service.
  • Make every interaction count. No matter how small or insignificant it might seem. Do something with every opportunity; the smallest things can have a huge impact.