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Brian Gracz has always been a builder of great things. He pursued a career in construction management to connect everything he was passionate about: problem solving, working with others in a collaborative environment, and building meaningful places that will be used for years to come. A DPR employee since 1997, Brian has worked in the San Diego, Southern California and Mid-Atlantic regions and currently serves as the regional leader for the Southwest responsible for overall operations in the region. He is also on the Leadership Team.

With a deep commitment to developing ways to improve project delivery through high levels of communication and trust, Brian has a unique combination of technical prowess and leadership aptitude. These skills have been put to the test on technically challenging projects in a variety of industries. Brian has managed more than 20 successful projects for DPR, including the $642 million Palomar Medical Center (awarded Best Healthcare Project in the Nation by ENR in 2012). Now he is 100% focused on advancing our operation in the Southwest, developing and growing high-performing teams, and building great things for many generations to come.


  • Role: Southwest Regional Leader and Leadership Team Member
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Uniqueness
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: Being able to create a place that will be used for years to come
  • First Job: Selling men's clothes at J Riggins
  • Most Useful App: TripIt
  • Desired Superpower: Ability to fly

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