interior reception and conference area

Piper Jaffray Tenant Improvement

Piper Jaffray Tenant Improvement | San Francisco, CA

In its former space, the physical environment no longer supported Piper Jaffray’s work styles and in many ways did not reflect its culture. The new image is unveiled upon first entering the elevator lobby where a series of vertical fins in fumed oak veneer create a stark contrast to the neutral palette of ceramic tile and white walls. Glass pivot doors allow the boardroom to open up the lobby for events and entertaining clients. A guest seating banquette marks the entry to the break room and provides a touch-down lounge for staff looking to work away from their desks. An exposed ceiling marks the circulation as well as gives the open loft appearance similar to the offices of their technology clients.



Glazed storefronts allow daylight from all rooms along the perimeter to reach the core, requiring fewer light fixtures for interior circulation. Within the perimeter offices and meeting rooms, clerestories provide daylight to pass through all sides and for exterior views to permeate throughout. Prefabricated drywall soffit shapes helped to create a seamless recessed door and window frame detail spanning the entire length of the building.

Outside, the exposed ceiling defines volume between the open and closed office environments. On the trading floor, adjustable height workstations allow for greater flexibility throughout the workday. Canted ceiling panels accentuate the exposed ceiling that continues back to the lobby and reception. The result is a workplace that respects Piper Jaffray’s Wall Street reputation while reflecting its current client base. The new office provides highly collaborative, multi-functional spaces that encourage impromptu meetings while conforming to the required lines of business separation.

The client needed to be out of their existing space prior to the lease expiration, which meant finding and renovating a new space in a short amount of time. DPR was brought on board to assist in pre-lease review and analysis for multiple possible office locations. Even with a high level of detail in the design, and a major plan change in the middle of the project, DPR was able to build-out Piper Jaffray’s new space in just 12 weeks. DPR SPW was engaged to help meet the accelerated schedule (DFH and ceilings).

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