Line of data banks

Achieving zero system impacts

Confidential Colocation Data Center | Singapore

DPR was awarded the main contract work, including Preconstruction, to fit out of one out of four floors within a live data center environment. The project was executed within an existing multi-story facility, in which one of the floors was used by a bank customer. Achieving zero system impacts to the existing tenant required a large amount of pre-planning, documentation and management to execute the project.



DPR was engaged early in the stages of the project starting at feasibility design, which enabled the team to continually provide feedback during design and purchase long lead time equipment to fast track the project schedule. DPR utilized laser scanning and BIM technologies to produce an as-built condition of the site and ensured the design and construction BIM model was clash-free. Understanding the complexities of planning, constructing, and commissioning mission-critical facilities.

The DPR team maintained a collaborative working environment with the team and project stakeholders. The project was delivered within budget, on schedule with over 240,000 hours of work performed.

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