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Arizona Cancer Center - Peter and Paula Fasseas Cancer Clinic

Arizona Cancer Center - Peter and Paula Fasseas Cancer Clinic | Tucson, Arizona

This new two-story, 82,000-sq.-ft., free-standing, outpatient cancer center was designed and built entirely around the goals of patient care and comfort. The Clinic is an accessible “one-stop center” with comprehensive services where cancer patients may see physicians, receive laboratory services, outpatient treatments, and ongoing care with access to resources such as cancer research, support groups, nutritional information, therapeutic massage, and salon services. The renovated building, designed with input from patients and staff, now houses clinical, exam, and infusion, in addition to a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology room, spaces for minor outpatient surgical procedures and administrative offices. Patients receive treatments in open, light-filled spaces where they visit with fellow patients, friends, or family members, or they may choose a private room with a view into a landscaped courtyard.

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