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Life Sciences Summit Explores the Needs for Flexibility, Talent, and Partnerships Across the DMV

Washington, D.C., June 28, 2023 - Designers, developers and construction firms in the DMV region continue to navigate through unique requirements and demands for more flexible, innovative and manufacturing spaces that are move-in ready. As a panelist discussing "New Buildings, New Opportunities: Construction, Development, and Design Trends for Tomorrow's Life Science Hubs," Abhishek Dhawan, a DPR Construction life sciences executive, discussed how new projects are shaping the future of the Mid-Atlantic’s emerging life science hub.

Dhawan cited a number of pressures that will affect new capital projects including the rising need for mixed-use facilities within the sector, strategic capital allocation, and the drive for talent growth.

“I recently read an article that stated there are more than 500 million people/patients eligible to receive new biotech drugs to help treat rare and cancerous diseases, and the pharma industry is only able to supply one-third of such drugs and therapies to them,” Dhawan said. “There is a large gap that needs to be filled within manufacturing which will further require infrastructure and support from the design, construction, and development industry.”

The panelists reached a consensus that it’s crucial to assemble the right people at the right time to ensure successful flexibility and collaboration across projects. “The success of life science companies in the DMV will depend on their ability to respond to the ever-changing demands, adapt to emerging research and development, and grow their talent with the new technologies,” according to Dhawan.

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