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Embracing Collaborative Delivery Methods Can Unlock Value for Life Sciences Construction in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 23 August 2023 - As the pharmaceutical engineering and construction industry gathers at the 2023 ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition, DPR Construction is encouraging APAC customers and partners to embrace more collaborative forms of project delivery to get more value on life sciences projects throughout the region. Specifically, early collaboration is key to a successful project that helps ensure speed to market and the ability to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry.

"We are looking forward to discussing the unique challenges facing the life sciences sector as well as the specific pressures our customers and partners face here in Singapore,” said Asanul Farhan Sani, one of DPR’s quality leaders in Singapore and an ISPE Singapore board member. "Based on what we hear from owners, we think there is an opportunity to discuss early collaboration, which may provide more value for all project partners. We believe that by involving the right team members at the right times, we can better align on project goals, create open paths of communication, and address the complexities of each project, enhancing overall outcomes."

Collaborative delivery models start with early engagement of all project stakeholders including customers, architects, contractors, and design partners. The approach allows for the exchange of ideas, a chance to identify challenges, while proactively finding solutions, helping to ensure projects will be delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, more collaborative delivery methods provide more flexibility for projects to adapt to evolving market demands in both the long and short terms.

“From navigating the challenges of the current supply chain to advising on how to build facilities that can easily accommodate future expansion and technological advancements, breaking free of the traditional methods of project delivery creates new opportunities,” Asanul Farhan said. By prioritizing collaboration from a project's inception, customers can unlock several key benefits that aim to contribute to their growth and success.”

DPR’s APAC life sciences leader Simon Whiteside added: “If you look at the major risks for all projects, cost, time, and schedule, there is always an expert who can provide the right advice to potentially eradicate or at the very least mitigate those risks; the earlier the better.”

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