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Clif Bar & Company Brings Love of Outdoors Inside With New Planet-Friendly Headquarters

Clif Bar & Company, the leading maker of all-natural and organic sports nutrition food and healthy snacks, unveiled today its new 115,000 square foot energy-efficient headquarters, located in Emeryville, Calif.

The latest in solar technology, a new on-site childcare center, repurposed materials - from shipping container wood to blue jeans - and a 40-foot bouldering wall are some of the features that support the company's sustainability mission and unique company culture.

Located at 1451 66th Street, the newly designed space is housed in a former valve manufacturing plant with distinctive Bauhaus architectural details that hearken back to the city's past.

"We recycled an old building into a new space that's very open and communal as the next step on our journey toward sustainability," said Kit Crawford, Clif Bar & Company's co-CEO. "The space reflects who we are while limiting our footprint on the planet."

"If you would have told me this was possible 20 years ago when I had the epiphany to create CLIF BAR during a 175 mile bike ride, I would have stopped in my tracks," added Gary Erickson, founder and co-CEO of Clif Bar & Company. "This space is what Clif people have built - it's more than a headquarters, it's a home to their inspiration and passion to do business in a better way."

Sustainability from Rooftop Solar to Recycled Denim

Clif Bar & Company is installing the largest "smart" solar array in North America on its headquarters roof and parking structure, which it anticipates will provide nearly 100 percent of the office electricity needs. "Smart" solar array represents an emerging trend in solar technology aimed at optimizing output and reducing costs by integrating monitors onto individual solar panels. Additional solar thermal panels on the headquarters roof provide 70 percent of the heat needed for hot water.

The solar power, in addition to energy conservation efforts in its R & D kitchen and energy-efficient office equipment, makes Clif Bar & Company's new headquarters one of the first buildings in the state to comply with the 2008 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The company will be pursuing a LEED Platinum certification-the highest 'green' building rating available from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

To further soak up the California sun, the building's "biophilic" interior design brings the outside world into the work space. Four atrium gardens integrated into the interior of the office space bring sunlight and rain to the plants and greenery in the gardens. The glass garden walls, plus extensive exterior and clerestory windows, flood the open floor plan with natural light.

Reused materials can be found throughout the new headquarters. Much of the wood was reclaimed from sources such as container crates, railroad ties and barns, while recycled denim was used to make 380 sound-absorbing panels. Repurposed bikes, kayaks, snowboards and surfboards serve as artwork suspended from the ceiling.

Clif Bar & Company's new headquarters was built by San Francisco-based DPR Construction and designed by ZGF Architects, based in Portland, Ore. Earlier this year, Architect Magazine named ZGF Architects one of the nation's top 10 green architect firms.

New and Expanded Work Perks

The building houses a new 6,700 square foot childcare center. The center consists of specially designed inside and outside areas for five distinct age groups, from infants to five year olds. A music room, fitness toys ("pint-sized" treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary bike and bench press) and outdoor playground help to provide kids with a balance of structured- and free-time.

An expanded wellness center features a weight room with a 40-foot bouldering wall, a yoga room, dance studio, shower/locker facilities, access to five on-site fitness trainers and two massage rooms. On-site bike parking, two massage rooms and a hair salon are also back by popular demand.

The athletes and foodies who make the company's sport nutrition food and healthy snacks are now sharing organic breakfast and lunch meals with their co-workers in Kali's Kitchen. Named after founder Gary Erickson's grandmother who inspired him to bake, Kali's Kitchen is employee-operated and sources organic ingredients from regional farms.

Adding to the community feel of the space is a theater which houses an elevated stage, customizable lighting, professional sound board and seating for 350 people. It's connected to a reception room and staging area by a wall that opens by rising into the building architecture.

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Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious, all-natural, organic foods and drinks, including CLIF® BAR energy bar, LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®; and CLIF Kid®, Nourishing Kids in Motion®. Focused on sports nutrition and healthy snacks, the employee and family-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet. For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at:

Recently Clif Bar & Company was ranked the No. 1 brand in the Forbes Breakaway Brands survey, conducted by Landor Associates using Young & Rubicam's BrandAsset Valuator database measuring brand momentum from 2006 to 2009.