It’s Official: SPW Interiors Group Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in Installing Firestop Systems

After an intensive, multi-step process that began more than two years ago and involved: designated individuals taking exams, creating a documented quality management system, and receiving jobsite audits, I’m proud to announce that DPR’s Bay Area Self-Perform Work (SPW) Interiors Group received official certification in the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Qualified Firestop Contractor Program!

Firestopping is a form of passive fire protection installed into a building. During a fire, firestopping keeps smoke and fire compartmentalized into designated areas so it does not spread quickly. By containing smoke and fire to designated compartments, it will protect others and buy time for help to arrive to put out the fire before it envelops the whole building.

There are currently only 25 contractors nationwide with the UL Firestop certification, and only one other in California. UL is the leader in fire safety testing, certification and research. This Qualified Firestop Contractor Program ensures that firestop systems are installed correctly to the high standards of the UL. To maintain the certification, we will continue to be audited every year.

Firestopping is important for owners to consider because it gives peace of mind over the lifetime of a building. If a fire ever does occur in a building, with firestopping, there are systems in place to make sure lives and financial investments are protected.

Healthcare buildings, which contain immobile patients who cannot easily get away from a fire, can benefit from the protection of firestopping in particular. Building owners of data centers, who invest millions in sophisticated servers, also benefit from this added security. Life sciences buildings, where vital research is conducted, also need to be protected from every angle. These are merely examples of why firestop systems are important; all owners can benefit from protecting human life and property.