A Company of Builders: DPR Project Engineers Learn the Meaning of Self-Perform Work

On a sunny fall day in Santa Clara, California, about 60 of DPR’s project engineers grabbed their boots, gloves and shovels and spent the day doing hands-on concrete work, as they created a new paved space in DPR’s self-perform work (SPW) concrete yard.

Inspired by a similar day organized for project engineers, during which they learned about drywall, framing and openings from DPR’s SPW interiors team, a handful of project engineers organized a second build day with the concrete team. The day helped open their minds as to what it takes for craft workers in the field to do their jobs every day, and how they can best support them as engineers.

Project engineers strap on their boots and learn how to lay concrete. (Photo courtesy: Everett Rosette)

“The concrete build day gave our PEs more of an understanding of what other team members do. We are all pushing for the same goal: to successfully deliver projects safely and efficiently,” said DPR’s Richard Rech, the SPW concrete group’s manager. “Learning how to layout, tie rebar and place concrete gave the PEs so much insight and appreciation into what craftsmen do every day.”

The PEs were mentored at various stations by DPR SPW teams, who explained the technical process – which many PE’s learned was a lot more complicated than it looked – as well as important safety best practices of working with concrete.

DPR’s SPW concrete team teaches project engineers how to close up a typical concrete column form. (Photo courtesy: Everett Rosette)

“Having an understanding of what it takes for everyone on the project to complete their job every day improves collaboration, efficiency and ultimately helps us build better projects,” said Rech.

The day was a reminder of our roots: we are a company of builders. And we exist to build great things.

A company of builders: we exist to build great things. (Photo courtesy: Everett Rosette)

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