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Autodesk University
There will be four classes featuring DPR speakers during this three-day event:

  • Andrew Arnold will present, “Extending Virtual Design and Construction to Support Total Cost of Ownership.”
  • Nathan Wood will teach, “Reaching Our BIM Potential: The Final Barrier is Not Technology….It’s Us.”
  • Ted van der Linden will be on a panel, “Design for Zero and Beyond: Opportunities to Create Future-Relevant Solutions.”
  • Hannu Lindberg will present, “Extreme Reality Computing from a Hexacopter.”

JANUARY 7, 2015
National Institute of Building Sciences Building Innovation 2015 Conference WASHINGTON, DC
During the Information Resources & Technology Symposium’s “Construction: The Information Goldmine” session, DPR’s Hannu Lindberg will participate in a panel discussion. The session will cover the importance of the contractor’s role as a conduit for information.

JANUARY 20-21, 2015
Buildings Get a Brain Executive Summit
Ted van der Linden of DPR is slated to join the Cleantech Group and industry leaders for a two-day event geared toward the future of intelligent commercial buildings. Discussion will revolve around accelerating data flow from buildings, emerging technologies and trends, and the future of the energy services market.

On January 20, van der Linden will lead a panel discussion focused on the topic, “The Whole Lifecycle of a Building: From Design to O&M.”


MARCH 15-18, 2015
American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) International Summit & Exhibition on Healthcare Facility Planning, Design and Construction (PDC)

On March 17, DPR and members from the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay project will present, “Meet the Goal: Flexing with Change Without Sacrificing the Plan.”

MARCH 19-22, 2015
DPR’s Hamilton Espinosa will speak at a seminar on March 20, the second day of this exclusive forum for the principal architects and designers from the top 100 American and Canadian firms, as well as healthcare facilities managers.

In November, DPR, along with several partners, hosted a Data Center Technical Summit. Bringing together leaders from top enterprise and data center colocation/web hosting companies, the group discussed the latest trends and technologies and shared best practices in managing risk associated with data center innovation.
The Summit’s theme, “Managing Your IT Risk: Data Center Innovation in a Rapidly Evolving Industry,” set the tone for a series of presentations and interactive panel discussions, including a keynote presentation by Kevin L. Jackson, Founder and CEO of GovCloud Network LLC. Jackson’s presentation, “Cyber Security: Avoiding Disaster in Highly-Networked Data Centers,” explored how business innovation is forcing the use of hybrid IT architecture—with data centers on the front lines of cyber security.

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