Sacramento Youth Tour DPR Office For Teen Center Design Ideas

From the unique art and decor on display in its offices across the country to the collaborative, innovative approaches of its project teams, DPR showcases its core values of integrity, enjoyment, uniqueness and ever forward in a multitude of ways.

This spring, youth from the Roberts Family Development Center (RFDC) looked to DPR as a source of inspiration and ideas as they were planning ways to redecorate their teen center in Sacramento. Approximately 15 teens and support staff took a tour of the DPR Sacramento office to spark their creativity.

In addition to seeing how DPR visually communicates its corporate values and ideals, the teens also spent time talking with various DPR employees. That included an interactive discussion with estimator Rodman Marquez who talked to the youth about their personal career goals and how they planned to achieve them.

The teens walked away with fresh ideas as to how they might express their collective goals, objectives and core values for their own center through new decor, according to Sandi Graham, who serves as liaison to RFDC.

“We talked to the kids about how they could work together as a team to determine what they displayed on their walls, and explained what core values are in terms of our company,” Graham said.

The DPR Foundation has supported the center since 2008, with grants totaling $240,000. RFDC is a community-based organization that takes a holistic approach focusing on early childhood and family education, economic empowerment and technology. RFDC’s goal is to nurture personal growth, strengthen families, and enhance community development and civic involvement.