What's the Word: Navigating Disruption

This article is included in the Great Things: Issue 2 edition of the DPR Newsletter.

DPR Construction values the health, safety and well-being of its employees, families, customers, partners and communities. In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, DPR created a dedicated task force and business continuity teams to address the situation, taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization and other public agencies.

The interests of customers and projects are best served by working together with all stakeholders to prevent or mitigate the impacts. DPR's goals are to listen and respond to customer needs, take care of people and proceed on projects safely.

Following is a key question asked to some employees:

How is your team adjusting and collaborating to continue supporting our people and projects?

Courtesy of David Hardman

“The profound sense of community and seeing everyone pull together across DPR to connect, support and take care of each other is inspiring. The way we stay in touch and meet with each other has shifted across the company. Now, virtual meetings have evolved to more closely resemble the depth of connection experienced from in-person meetings. It has led to more personalized connection, empathy and vulnerability that I am so grateful for. It reminds me of how special our people are.”

Derek Kirkland, People Growth and Development Leader

Courtesy of David Hardman

“As we adjust under COVID-19, client and industry communications have also increased to support our front-line heroes in the medical community. We realize that there is not a one-size fits-all solution to current conditions. Our teams continue to move forward and accommodate requests from the healthcare systems we serve, and seek ways to advance projects, create space and support the medical community.”

Sean Ashcroft, Core Market Leader, Healthcare

DPR Construction cloth face coverings jobsite
In accordance with CDC recommendations, DPR is requiring cloth face coverings to be worn on jobsites to ensure the safety and health of DPR’s employees, customers, partners and communities.
DPR Construction foreman meeting social distacing
In the early stages of the crisis, a project team in Southern California adapted its foreman meeting to follow CDC guidelines by placing boards outside. Only one person moved notes to keep planning going. Courtesy of Jean Laurent
DPR Construction virtual meeting social distance
As many staff started working remotely to comply with regional orders, group huddles with team members who needed to remain on jobsites became the new norm. Courtesy of David Cox
As an ongoing effort, DPR is implementing a prescreening process at all jobsites. Anyone entering the site is screened to ensure they are not showing possible signs of illness.
DPR uses non-invasive means of taking temperature as part of its jobsite screening process.
DPR Construction EHS advanced protocols
Signage, additional personal protective equipment and onsite screening are some of the extra safety protocols DPR has implemented on its jobsites. Courtesy of Tom Bicksler
DPR Construction Southwest SPW webinar
DPR’s Southwest region held an online webinar for its self-perform work group, with more than 50 project managers, superintendents, project engineers and estimators joining to discuss ow COVID- 19 has impacted the region’s people and projects. Courtesy of Eric Cusick