A Discussion with Health System Leaders: Minimizing Disruption of Care

A recently published American Hospital Association (AHA) e-book features DPR Construction’s Deb Sheehan alongside healthcare executives as they explore how healthcare systems can minimize disruptions to patients—and caregivers—amidst capital project construction.

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Building the Patient-Centered Continuum of Care of the Future

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With changing technology, operational challenges, and other historical stressors on patient-centric care, an organization's investment in significant capital projects, like hospital construction and renovation, can be critical to supporting clinical care teams. However, with healthcare worker burnout and disruption concerns, major activities and investments need to be thoughtfully planned and executed with front-line workers in mind.

Reducing Healthcare Construction Disruption

With a focus on building a patient-centered continuum of care, this executive insight dialogue examines strategies practiced by healthcare leaders and leading healthcare organizations to meaningfully engage and support their workforces during capital healthcare project development.

Identified best practices include:

  1. Prioritizing regular communication to staff
  2. Soliciting staff feedback
  3. Celebrating the “why” of the project to nurture a supportive environment
  4. Using simulations to determine the safest care model
  5. Minimizing equipment/supply disruptions with temporary storage
  6. Implementing cross-functional teams for review at every stage
  7. Creating stress relief opportunities for staff
  8. Using lean processes to improve patient care
  9. Ensuring staff safety
  10. Listening, listening, listening
Health System Leaders Insights

Healthcare leaders from across the industry gathered to discuss some of their recent capital projects, sharing what they could have done differently to better support their care teams and minimize disruptions to their campuses and care settings.

DPR’s Deb Sheehan participated as part of the executive roundtable and offered advice on connecting staff to the “why” behind a particular investment or capital build.

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While there are tactical day-to-day issues to discuss, workarounds and important briefings, remember to instill pride in the decision to make investments that you’ve prioritized for the organization.

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