Milagro Center Recognizes DPR, and Ambassador of the Year

DPR’s goal to become indispensable to the communities in which it works was reinforced in the West Palm Beach region recently by one of its key community beneficiaries – the Milagro Center.

This fall the Center recognized DPR employee Luke Stocking with an “Ambassador of the Year” Award, while also heralding DPR’s corporate efforts supporting the center’s youth programs with both financial and hands-on support. In addition to Stocking, West Palm Beach office regional leader for DPR, Deborah Beetson, also serves on the Milagro board of directors.

Pictured at the award ceremony are DPR's Theresa Kinsloe, Adriana Martinengo-Rosenberg, and Luke Stocking. Photo courtesy the Milagro Center.

Both Stocking and DPR as a corporate contributor were highlighted at a volunteer recognition event in October. Barbara Stark, President and CEO of Milagro Center, offered these comments on Stocking’s work and DPR’s commitment to the program: “Luke is more than just an ambassador sitting as a committee member on our ambassador committee. He’s really taken it to the next level. To us, Luke is a miracle. He has made so many things possible for us that we never thought would be possible. Combining what Luke does as an ambassador for Milagro Center with the monetary grant proceeds that we get each year from DPR, in addition to the help they give us with construction projects and now with our teen center development programs – it’s been absolutely amazing and had such remarkable affects both on our center and our foundation as well as on the lives of our kids.”

Stocking has championed DPR’s efforts with Milagro center for the past two years. The primary efforts in 2015 and those planned for the year ahead are on further growing Milagro Center’s Teen Center and the programs in which local teens participate. He has spearheaded several impactful initiatives that capitalize on DPR's skills over the past year, including a career day with the Milagro teens, a three-session Construction School where youths learned about jobsite safety, power tools and career options, and a project to build and install countertops to create a dedicated homework area for the club.

In 2016, plans are in the works for a hands-on workbench design and build in the fall, ongoing career development talks delivered by DPR employees, and a spring project being planned for the Center’s “Star” program serving elementary school age children.

DPR hosted a three-session Construction School that introduced Milagro Center youth to many facets of working in construction. Day 1 of the school is highlighted in this video. Photo and video courtesy Adriana Martinengo-Rosenberg.

For Stocking, the time put into Milagro Center serving on the committee and helping the center with various construction and educational contributions brings a sense of deep personal gratification. “It is rewarding to see the effort we are putting in to the Center be recognized and appreciated,” he says. “The award means that we are truly becoming indispensable to our community.”

Milagro Center’s mission is to enrich children’s lives through cultural arts, academic support and living values. The nonprofit serves at-risk children, youth and families living at or below the federal poverty level in South Florida.