Maximizing BIM with an Integrated Team

by Atul Khanzode

Maximizing BIM with an integrated team begins with the owner as the primary stakeholder and requires a profound shift in the way projects are delivered. Based on DPR’s more than 15 years of experience in virtual construction and as a leader in IPD, we have identified the following lessons learned as outlined in Transcending the BIM Hype: How to Make Dollars and “Sense” from Building Information Modeling:

  • Determine the WHY first: Identify the reasons why you want to use BIM and set expectations accordingly.
  • WHO creates the BIM is as important as WHAT you want to model: The trade or contractor responsible for the bulk of construction should create the BIM in collaboration with the design team whenever possible.
  • Beware of software interoperability: Test and select applications that best fulfill the virtual modeling goals set for the project.
  • Compensation and contracts should support BIM: All participants should have “skin in the game” to incentivize deep collaboration.
  • Small elements have big impacts: BIM works best if every element that can potentially cause an issue in the field is included in the virtual model.
  • Co-locate to Co-create: Project participants should co-create the virtual model. Assemble the group to identify metrics to track and map a collaborative decision-making process.
  • Model management infrastructure is key: Determine how a virtual model(s) will be accessed, managed, shared and updated.

Photo courtesy of David Cox