How Do We Deliver Predictability in an Unpredictable Setting?

As builders, we always aim to deliver predictable results to owners. This includes unpredictable project settings where challenges such as extensive hidden conditions or logistical issues can arise.

This was the case for the DPR Special Services Group (SSG) modernization/renovation for the University of Arizona’s University Medical Center - University Campus (UAMC) in Tucson. The setting was a hybrid operating room (OR). Hybrid ORs are equipped with both full OR equipment as well as imaging technology for minimally invasive surgery.

The sterile, sensitive facility surrounding the renovation was fully functioning during construction.

“It really couldn’t have been much more difficult if we tried,” said Lynn Harris, senior project manager for the University of Arizona Health Network.

However, in the face of challenges and unpredictable circumstances, the team produced a predictably high quality result.

Read the full article from the latest DPR Review newsletter to discover how the team overcame challenges or read the extended case study for more project detail.

Courtesy of Gregg Mastorakos
Courtesy of Gregg Mastorakos