“Hospital of the Future” Opens to the Public

After a four year construction process, DPR's new Palomar Medical Center opened to the public in late August. The hospital's historic opening commenced when over 100 patients were transferred from the existing medical center in downtown Escondido to the new Palomar Medical Center in western Escondido.

The project team used a collaborative, hybrid integrated project delivery model with numberous lean processes to build the new hospital. Designed by CO Architects, the state-of-the-art, 11-story, 740,000-square-foot, 288-bed facility is one of the most technologically-advanced hospitals in the nation. Eventually, it will be built out to 650 beds. This world-class healing environment is also one of the largest new hospitals built in California and is designed to meet both current and future needs of the community. The hospital provides inpatient care as well as surgical, rehabilitation, and emergency and trauma services. Innovative features include: all private patient rooms with flexibility; secure wireless network; expanded trauma and emergency services; a 1.5-acre green wavy roof, natural lighting and sustainable materials. About 1,700 employees will work at the new hospital and staffing could eventually grow to more than 2,000.

Says Palomar Health President and CEO Michael H. Covert, “Our goal was to create a uniquely flexible, future-oriented facility that would combine all of the principles that have been studied for many years to enhance the care and safety and well-being of patients and their families on one site, something that has not been effectively achieved on this scale anywhere in the country or the world.”

Chief Administrative Officer of the new Palomar Medical Center, Gerald Bracht says, “Palomar Health had a vision to forever change the way health care is provided, and the people we serve placed their trust in us to make it happen. We are delivering on that promise by unveiling a world-class facility designed to transform the patient-care experience. The building is an architectural and technological masterpiece, but our outstanding staff will bring it to life and ultimately fulfill the vision.”

Palomar Medical Center was featured in DPR's Future of Healthcare study. Read about the Future of Healthcare here.

(Photo Credit: David Cox)