Green Video: Reuse of Existing Buildings

Old things can become new again, as shown in this short video, "Reuse of Existing Buildings: DPR Phoenix Case Study."

The video explores how sustainable building does not necessarily require new construction. In the case of DPR's Phoenix office, the team took an older retail building—seemingly at the end of its lifecycle—and completely transformed it into a model for green construction.

In the video, project team member, DNV KEMA's Shayne Rolfe explains, "When you're working with an existing building, you're able to take what may be limitations and make them into opportunities. That doesn't that doesn't occur in new construction."

SmithgroupJJR's Mark Roddy says, "I can't think of a better way to maximize a recycle concept than to use an existing building."

This is just one video (out of 8) that was filmed at the DPR Phoenix office. The video series covers the broader themes of green and net-zero energy building, and includes the following topics:

  • Evolution of Green Design
  • Return on Investment
  • Low Tech Meets High Tech
  • Walking in the Owner’s Shoes
  • Sustainability and Employee Satisfaction
  • A Living Lab
  • Why Net-Zero?

Watch the entire green video series here (8 videos total).

Read the DPR Phoenix case study to learn about the path to net-zero energy building in much more detail.

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