Green Video: Low Tech Meets High Tech

Sometimes simpler solutions are better. This video, "Low Tech Meets High Tech," explains how green buildings can use a combination of low tech methods in conjunction with modern technology.

DPR's Phoenix officean ILFI-certified net-zero energy building—used established, even ancient techniques as well as complex, cutting-edge technologies to achieve its lofty sustainability goals.

In the video, project team member, Jim Dinan from Bel-Aire Mechanical explains, "Ultimately, it's not that the equipment drives the building space, the building space drives the equipment. On buildings like this, there's most likely less maintenance costs because the building is simpler and it still meets the needs. So less maintenance, meeting the needs; that's inherent built-in value."

This is just one video (out of 8) that was filmed at the DPR Phoenix office. The video series covers the broader themes of green and net-zero energy building, and includes the following topics:

  • Evolution of Green Design
  • Return on Investment
  • A Living Lab
  • Walking in the Owner’s Shoes
  • Sustainability and Employee Satisfaction
  • Reuse of Existing Buildings
  • Why Net-Zero?

Watch the entire green video series here (8 videos total).

Read the DPR Phoenix office case study to learn about the path to net-zero energy building in much more detail.

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