Green Video: A Living Lab

In this 2 minute video, "A Living Lab: DPR Phoenix Case Study," the project team chats about the thought behind setting up DPR's Phoenix office as a living lab for the community.

DPR was the owner and the client for this ILFI-certified net-zero energy building. It demonstrates the viability of attaining net-zero energy operations within any environment—even a desert environment—and serves as a model for sustainable development and urban renewal.

In the video, DPR's Cassie Robertson explains, "We know we're going to be making adjustments and improving what we've put into place for the life of the building and we're excited to do that. It's a laboratory because of that. It's almost like an experiment for the rest of the community."

This is just one video (out of 8) that was filmed at the DPR Phoenix office. The video series covers the project's green and net-zero energy building themes and includes the following videos:

  • Evolution of Green Design
  • Return on Investment
  • Low Tech Meets High Tech
  • Walking in the Owner’s Shoes
  • Sustainability and Employee Satisfaction
  • Reuse of Existing Buildings
  • Why Net-Zero?

Watch the ENTIRE green video series here (8 videos total).

Read the DPR Phoenix office case study to learn about the path to net-zero energy building in much more detail.

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