Facility of the Year Winner Roars Back to Life

In the world of business, a successful outcome is not always the result of a straightforward journey.

Best exemplifying this is a pair of projects completed for Genentech, where a world-class project team successfully delivered, and then returned to service, one of the largest biotech fermentation facilities of its kind.

In 2007, the team completed the Cell Culture Biologics Drug Substance Plant 2 (CCP2) Facility, which employs some of the largest scale production equipment in the industry. In 2010, the facility was shuttered after Roche acquired Genentech and the decision was made to fulfill the demand for their drugs elsewhere. And finally, in 2015, the CCP2 facility fulfilled its mission of producing lifesaving pharmaceuticals for a global marketplace.

With a challenging and award-winning project like this came aggressive goals and tight timelines. To be successful, the Return to Service team capitalized on lessons learned from the original CCP2 team.

What were these lessons? Read the DPR Review story to find out.