Dream Project Turns into Reality for Bay Area High School

For years, it was apparent that the Robert Fung Training Facility and batting cages at Washington High School needed major renovations. More than just battered by San Francisco weather and showing its nearly 30 years of age, it was dangerous to student-athletes and coaching staff.

“When the opportunity to help these young athletes in our community was presented by coach Fung and the Washington Sports Foundation, I knew we had to do something special,” said DPR project executive Kevin Shea.

The Robert Fung Training Facility and batting cages at Washington High School needed a major transformation in order for student athletes to enjoy the facility to its fullest potential. Courtesy of Zach Shull

Fueled by the local DPR office’s passion for their community, a dedicated team with the essential resources, industry contacts, and passion for building completed the Washington High Batting Cage Replacement Project over the course of four months.

“It was a relief to see this new facility finally come to life, to watch it happen,” said coach Robert Fung. “It was a dream for a long time and now, in reality, it’s just amazing.”

"I remember going to George Washington High school to practice. Practicing on this field is a memory near and dear to me, it helped shaped me into the person I am today.” - Kevin Shea. Courtesy of Zach Shull

DPR’s generous industry partners in the Bay Area stepped up without hesitation to assist in this effort by supplementing the project budget with donated materials and labor–a true testament to the power of leadership and teamwork.

With DPR's passion to support surrounding communities, a dedicated team, and the right resources and partners, this renovation project was completed over the course of four months. Courtesy of Zach Shull