DPR Hardin Helps Make Wish Come True for Young Atlanta Braves Fan Fighting Battle of His Life

DPR Hardin partnered with Make-a-Wish Georgia to make a young Atlanta Braves fan's wish come true. Photo credit: Make-a-Wish Georgia.

When 12-year-old Dalton – a red-haired, freckle-faced, avid Atlanta Braves fan – cut the ribbon leading to his brand new Braves-themed treehouse during a Make-A-Wish Foundation “wish reveal” event March 21, 2015, there were few dry eyes among those who gathered for the unveiling.

Designed and built by DPR Hardin to fulfill Dalton’s wish for a treehouse in the backyard of his family’s Canton, GA home, the project features a “crow’s nest” overlook platform that connects to the two-story treehouse structure via a 10-foot suspension bridge. Numerous baseball-related touches – including an actual Atlanta Braves stadium chair, posters and various bobble heads donated by the baseball franchise – make this a special place to get away from the worries of everyday life.

“I think by the end of this project we had 43 DPR Hardin associates that in some way, shape or form touched this project,” commented Angela Whritenour, who coordinated the volunteer efforts of DPR Hardin employees. “It was really a huge group effort, and it enabled DPR Hardin as a region to feel the accomplishment of coming together to get something like this done.”

DPR Hardin volunteers put in a cumulative 620 community service hours on the project working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Georgia. The initiative met the DPR Hardin community goals of using their expertise as builders to support distressed families in the greater Atlanta area.

The project broke ground in October 2014. Some of the prefab work took place at DPR Hardin’s Atlanta office site, which allowed employees to participate even if they couldn’t make it out to the residential jobsite. Several on-site workdays were also held over the course of the job.

Some of the prefab work was done at DPR Hardin's Atlanta office. Photo credit: Andi King.

In addition to building the structure, DPR Hardin contributed 120 hours of self-performed craft work. Donations also came in from DPR affiliated companies. One DPR Hardin employee donated several baseball bats, which were integrated into the bannister railing of the staircase that leads to the loft area of the treehouse.

Taking a break at the project site, November, 2014. Photo credit: Andi King.

At the wish reveal event, Dalton received a certificate of occupancy, a key to unlock the treehouse and a DPR Hardin hardhat signed by all the crew who helped build the project. “It was really sweet; he teared up,” Whritenour said. “His parents had not let him go inside the treehouse until that day, so it was a total surprise. He couldn’t have been happier.”

Dalton received a hardhat signed by the construction team. Photo credit: Andi King.

“DPR Construction was an incredible partner in helping make Dalton’s wish of having a Braves-themed tree house come true,” said Amy Alvarez of Make-a-Wish Georgia. “We are grateful that companies like DPR Construction are investing time and resources to help bring hope, strength, and joy to the lives of the children we serve.”