DPR’s Eric Lamb Discusses Technology at Bisnow San Francisco Construction Development Summit

“The industry needs to talk about cost, not price,” said DPR’s Eric Lamb, one of the panelists at Bisnow’s 2nd Annual San Francisco Construction Development Summit on February 6th. The panelists at the summit discussed the new projects ready to break ground in the city of San Francisco. They also discussed the various neighborhoods poised for growth, what it takes to get a new project off the ground, and the process of renovating an existing building. The event included a timely panel discussion on new construction methods, financing strategies, construction costs (what “cost versus price” means and why that’s especially important in today’s climate), and building designs.

On the panel, Eric also discussed DPR’s use of technology, saying: “We’ve seen a huge push for technology in the field in the past 2 years. We now have 200 tablets in the field.”

He also spoke about ways to maximize productivity, saying: “The key word in the industry for me is automation. It reduces labor cost and increases efficiency.”