DPR Delivers Much Needed Space for LifeWorks in Austin

DPR volunteers donated their time and construction expertise to create a much-needed storage building at LifeWorks’ recently completed Supportive Housing Apartment development in Austin, Texas.

The team repurposed materials from a mock-up built as part of the new apartment construction project. Recycling that material was beneficial to both the environment and to the DPR-supported youth organization, according to LifeWorks chief operating officer Mitch Weynand.

“Instead of disassembling and dumping the mock-up, DPR helped turn it into a storage building for our Teen Parent Services and Supportive Housing programs,” Weynand said. “LifeWorks sincerely appreciates the partnership with DPR. This was a big win for the environment and our youth!”

The new mobile shed, which matches the apartment building motif, was sorely needed, as it provides the only general storage space at the complex. It is being used to house furniture, baby items, car seats and other supplies that the organization can distribute to young parents and former homeless youth served by the program.

Although the half-day project was cut a bit short by rain, DPR volunteers delivered the expertly framed, useable shed by mid-day, leaving it to LifeWorks’ facility staff to add the finishing touches. Following the construction work, DPR presented LifeWorks with a check for $50,000 from the DPR Foundation’s end-of-2013 grants.

The shed project is DPR’s third volunteer construction project for LifeWorks, according to Weynand. They are already planning another build project for the next quarter: to construct space close to the apartment complex that will accommodate a personal trainer to work with young people in the program.

LifeWorks serves more than 10,000 individuals each year through 19 programs and services to the Greater Austin community. Its goal is to create individuals that are self-sufficient by providing them with a firm foundation for success. Most of the youth it serves have had their early lives filled with abuse, neglect, abandonment and instability. LifeWorks focuses on building their self-esteem, literacy and educational skills, as well as providing them opportunities to develop their soft and hard skills in order to enter the workforce.