Construction Inclusion Week Kicks Off

Changing an industry takes conscious, collaborative work. That’s why this week, DPR Construction is joining with companies across the industry to take bold steps toward creating a more inclusive workplace with the inaugural Construction Inclusion Week.

“This is really the first step in our journey to build an industry-wide culture where every individual feels valued, respected, accepted, and encouraged to participate,” said George Pfeffer, DPR Management Committee member.

Participating firms have activities planned throughout the week, and there is a suite of resources that can be used by anyone, including families and their children. Of course, the focus on inclusion must continue beyond this week and become embedded in the way our industry operates.

As Pfeffer told ConstructionDive in a recent article: “Let's remember, this is an industry today that is the result of thousands of years of history. We know it's a journey and we can't change it overnight. But I sure as heck would love to see in three years, five years, ten years, a lot more diversity in our industry across the board."