Beyond Borders: DPR Filling EMC Needs in Latin America

The pictured tenant improvement in Sante Fe, Mexico is part of a series of projects in Latin America that DPR has been working on with longtime customer, EMC Corp. (Photo by Luis Aguilar)

Building upon a solid relationship, DPR’s Camilo Garcia works with EMC Corp. in Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City and Santa Fe, Mexico, and San Juan, Puerto Rico

When leading global IT services provider EMC Corp. began looking for a company to assist with a growth initiative in Latin America, it did not have to look far before turning its attention to DPR.

The two companies already forged a strong relationship from a series of successful projects in the Research Triangle Park area of Raleigh-Durham, NC. The projects included the Durham Data Center and Lab completed in 2010, as well as a separate Research and Development Lab Phase II renovation, among others.

EMC’s Manager of Project Services, Scott Krall, commented, “DPR is very customer focused, and we consider them a true partner on the projects we do with DPR. Based on my project experience in Durham, they have actually raised the bar in terms of my expectations [of contractors] on other EMC projects as well.”


DPR’s experience with EMC in the U.S., coupled with its strong commitment to go where clients need, led to the work in Latin America, according to DPR’s Greg Haldeman. “Our focus is on helping our customers wherever they may be to get their work done and making sure it is delivered in a consistent fashion,” he said.

There was a bit of serendipity involved as well; longtime DPR employee Camilo Garcia recently moved back to his native Bogota, Colombia, and was eyeing opportunities within this fast-growing region.

“The opportunity came up and the fit was good,” Krall said of the partnership formed by EMC with DPR and Garcia. “Having someone who understands EMC’s project management procedures and processes, who can speak the local language, and has an understanding of EMC’s culture based on our relationships here [in the U.S.] have been clear benefits.”

Over the past 18 months, Garcia has leveraged DPR’s experience, an understanding of EMC’s corporate priorities, and his own skills working within the region to assist EMC’s Global Real Estate and Facilities Team as it rebuilds and expands offices. Currently focused primarily in Northern Latin America and Mexico, Garcia has worked closely with both Krall and Richard Bettina, EMC’s director of Latin America Real Estate and Facilities, to deliver projects and initiatives in Bogota, Mexico City and Santa Fe, Mexico, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.


One notable success is a major tenant improvement office renovation in Santa Fe. The project serves as a model of EMC’s “Next Generation Office” initiative delivering offices with more open space, natural light and modern amenities.

“We had a successful on-time, on-budget delivery that our business is extremely pleased with,” commented EMC’s Bettina of the Santa Fe project. “Camilo has been a tremendous asset to us. He is able to identify and communicate many issues that are taking place here, as well as new opportunities. We see a lot of growth potential in Latin America now.”

In addition to managing specific projects, DPR is also working with EMC to prioritize and standardize project delivery throughout the region, as well as providing analysis of different systems and products, such as furniture systems from Brazil, Argentina and the U.S., for potential use on EMC projects.

While DPR’s presence in Latin America is still relatively new, ultimately the focus is always to provide consistent, quality services, no matter the scope or location.

“We want our clients to see that we can provide an integral solution to their needs, wherever they want to take us,” Garcia said.