Before You Climb

Falls can be prevented, and lives can be saved. This message resonated across all DPR Construction jobsites and offices on May 2nd, as part of OSHA’s 2016 National Safety Stand-Down campaign.

Demonstrating the importance of safety in the workplace, DPR held Safety Stand-Down initiatives including presentations, guest speakers, and discussions about proper equipment use to prevent falls from heights including scaffolds, roofs and ladders.

The following are a few safety tips to keep in mind, related to preventing falls from all types of ladders:

  • Always wear slip-resistant footwear
  • Keep the ladder rungs free of oil and grease
  • Always go up and down facing the ladder, holding on with both hands
  • While working, hold on to the ladder with one hand at all times
  • Use a tool belt or a bucket attached to a hand line to pull tools up
  • Never use a metal ladder when working with electrical current

No matter if we’re working on a new construction project, an interior buildout, or in the office, we all have the right to a safe workplace, and the right to return home to our loved ones each and every day.

Safety Stand-Down participants at a jobsite in Orlando discuss fall prevention from ladders and scaffolds.

In the office, DPR employees in Redwood City learn ways to prevent falls at home.