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Happy Holidays

from your friends at DPR Construction

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The Grinch Who Stole the Supply Chain

Each DPR worker liked building a lot…
But the Grinch who stole the supply chain DID NOT!
He hated deliveries! The whole planned out chain!
We don’t really know why. Perhaps it was his brain.
Maybe his truck tires weren't screwed on quite right.
Or it could be his inventory plan wasn’t tight.

But we think the most likely reason of all,
Was his view of the world was a little too small.

Regardless of reason, the new year is near.
And there lurks among us an unresolved fear.
We hope the Grinch will broaden his view
But if he does not, we’ll see it through.
We reach out to our partners. Ensure we prepare.
We’re planning it right because we really care.

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Whether it is toys and gadgets on your holiday gift list or construction materials, the supply chain has been disrupted. As we enter 2022, we’re staying vigilant and doing our part to stay connected with suppliers, gathering intelligence on the state of the world’s supply chains.

Our gift to you this year is to bring those insights to you in hopes of a little peace of mind. Check out our market conditions dashboard to help you plan it right.

Happy Holidays!

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