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Yumi Clevenger

Yumi Clevenger once thought about becoming an architect or engineer, but after working a summer in her dad’s structural engineering firm before college, she decided it might be too quiet of an environment for her. After majoring in journalism/public relations at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she worked at PR agencies for professional services firms and somehow always ended up on the real estate and construction industry accounts, including DPR. Since joining DPR in-house in 2002, Yumi has championed DPR’s integrated approach to communications and brand management, supporting global business strategies and working closely with our teams to build and sustain an authentic message and reputation while building great things for customers around the world.


  • Role: Communications+Brand
  • Favorite DPR core value: Enjoyment. I truly believe work should be fun and intrinsically satisfying.
  • What you love about construction: How complicated it is. Every project is unique and tells a different story.
  • Desired superpower: To fly – super fast!
  • Your hero: Rob Clevenger. His ability to juggle his professional and personal life is something to truly be admired. He is my hero every day.
  • Best vacation spot: Toss up between Hawaii, Italy and Vegas.
  • Pet peeve: People who have an inflated sense of self.

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