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Sean Ashcroft

Sean Ashcroft

Starting in the construction industry as a laborer, Sean Ashcroft built an early passion for building while sweeping up on second shift. In his current role as National Healthcare Core Market Leader, Sean builds passion around healthcare and the built environment—connecting the right people, experiences, and lessons learned at the right time in service to our Healthcare customers and the patients they serve. Sean and the healthcare group focus on complex technical problems and encouraging industry collaboration to solve those problems.

I love connecting the right people, experiences, and lessons learned at the right time. My job is to support the amazing people I work with and help them provide world class service to exceed all expectations.

Sean Ashcroft

  • Role: Healthcare Core Market Leader
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Ever Forward. To me this is all about continuous improvement, continuous learning, and continuous growth. This enables us to add more value to the customers we serve and the people we build.
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: I love the teamwork that is construction, working with great people to do something that is bigger than ourselves, it’s the ability to tackle new challenges and use your brain ever day to create unique solutions and really impact our community by bringing something new that will serve people for years to come.
  • If I had a Superpower: Flight
  • Your Hero: My wife. She has an inner strength and mental toughness that I hope to someday come close to and—more importantly—I hope my children pay enough attention to. With that they can do anything.

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