Ever since he spent the summers of his youth working as a carpenter and framing houses, construction has always come naturally to Scott Strom. Since he joined DPR in 1993, Scott has built strong relationships with some of DPR’s top life science customers. 

Scott works with regional core market experts and account leaders to help DPR excel in the life sciences core market, which is focused on understanding and better serving customers in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, bio-agricultural, medical device and research institutes. He is considered an industry expert on project costs and design standards for both lab and manufacturing facilities in institutional and corporate projects. Having worked closely with Doug, Peter and Ron over the course of his career, Scott shares their focus on shared leadership and combining the strengths of people to produce high-performing teams for customers and projects around the world.

  • Life Sciences Core Market Leader
  • Enjoyment with Integrity
  • Good old-fashioned logic
  • The mountains, wearing either skis or a backpack.
  • Just do it. “A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied in 10 minutes.” –George Patton

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