In the very beginning, we were just three senior guys in one organization with a passion for building.

The R of DPR Construction, Ron Davidowski is one of DPR’s three co-founders. Ron’s career in the construction industry began when he joined an international CPA firm right after getting out of the Air Force. He thoroughly enjoyed spending time out in the field with his construction industry clients, solving the unique challenges that eventually became the life-blood of DPR’s business.

In July of 1990, Ron, Doug Woods and Peter Nosler started DPR and have since nurtured it into a multi-billion dollar company. Doug and Peter have learned how to have fun from Ron, along with the importance of building and maintaining relationships, which were particularly instrumental in the early days of DPR. It was Ron’s relationships with the bank and insurers that first provided DPR with the financial base and bonding capacity needed to compete against larger contractors. Ron takes pride in how DPR has overcome challenges (for example, navigating explosive growth in fast-changing economies), always remaining focused on core businesses and moving ever-forward. In November 2015, Doug, Peter and Ron were honored with a Most-Admired CEO award by the San Francisco Business Times. 

  • R in DPR, Member of DPR's Board of Directors
  • All four, as they are all integral to who we are and how we execute our business. None is more important than the others.
  • The people and the challenges in our industry.
  • Hawaii
  • Always have respect for the individual; nurture and build relationships with co-workers, customers and business partners. Treat and respect others as you like to be treated and respected.

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