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As a member of DPR’s People Practices Leadership Team, Renee is passionate about excellence within the employee experience and a high-performing culture. She is actively engaged in leading the evolution of talent and performance management, as well as employee development.

Renee started as a project engineer in the Bay Area in 1999. She relocated to southern California to support the growth of the SoCal business in 2001 as a project engineer and manager. Having served in the field, a training role and as a recruiter and talent leader at DPR, Renee has the expertise and leadership skills needed to hire, inspire, develop and grow the next generation of extraordinary builders. Outside of DPR, Renee is a licensed mental health therapist.


  • Role: Talent and Take Care of People and Leadership Team Member
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Uniqueness
  • What You Love About Construction: When I was in operations, I loved seeing the tangible results of our team’s work in the field every day. Now I love being a part of supporting and developing employees to be at their best as they build great things.
  • First Job: I had a newspaper delivery route starting at age 12.
  • Your Hero: Ruth Bader Ginsburg stands out because she led the way for working women.
  • Most Useful App: I love Cozi to keep track of my very full life outside of DPR.
  • Word to the Wise (advice): I am not interested in competing with anyone to win. I hope we all make it.

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