Ray Boff and prefabrication go hand-in-hand. Since graduating from Cal Poly some 15 years ago, he has assembled a unique set of skills and experiences that has led him to co-leading DPR’s national prefabrication team. With experience in project management, product modeling, production labor, production engineering, modular manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, Ray is a trusted advisor for all things prefabrication—from product identification to installation and optimized use.

For Ray, prefabrication is common sense. He's experienced the many benefits of prefabrication firsthand and is excited to help take DPR's prefabrication and digital fabrication capabilities to the next level—moving from field construction to field assembly.

  • Ever Forward–If you aren’t learning and continually improving, relentlessly searching for better means and methods, improving your workforce and those around you, you’ll cease to exist. “Evolve or die,” as the greats before (and among) us say.
  • All of it. Especially the onset of this rapid evolution the construction industry is seeing–integrating lean principles, manufacturing, prefabrication, data capture and analysis, continuous improvement, etc. But at the end of the day, the relationships you make because of common goals and collaboration is what it’s all about.
  • Architectural Draftsman
  • Science: physics, chemistry and math

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