Moawia Abdelkarim

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Moawia Abdelkarim leads DPR’s National Operations Group and tackles strategic initiatives aimed at delivering best-in-class services across the enterprise. He started his career at DPR in 2000 as a project engineer in the Phoenix office focusing on building great healthcare projects. In true ever-forward fashion, Moawia has had the opportunity to change careers multiple times within DPR. Most recently, he led construction technology and innovation initiatives for operations and, in early 2016, assumed the role of DPR's National Operations Champion. Working in construction gives Moawia a tremendous source of pride and joy. He loves the way construction allows us to shape our built environment and progress as a society.


  • Role: National Operations
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Ever Forward - I believe there is always a better way
  • What You Love Most About Construction: Shaping our built environment and advancing humanity
  • Pet Peeve: People who don't do what they say they're going to do, because integrity is crucial to success in business and in life.

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