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Melissa King

Melissa King fell in love with DPR in 2006 as an intern, in large part because she felt like a valued teammate and was surrounded by people who were committed to helping her realize her potential. Now leading DPR’s Learning and Development team, she’s passionate about using her expertise and skills in talent, emotional intelligence, facilitation and community initiatives to make sure every employee has the same great experience.

DPR’s Learning and Development team designs and deploys learning opportunities for all employees within the family of companies, so that they can build great things with DPR’s customers.


  • Role: Learning and Development
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Enjoyment. We work hard at DPR, so it’s even more important that we like what we do. I believe that if we’re not having fun at some point in the workday, there’s something wrong about what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.
  • What You Love About Construction: I love that construction attracts down-to-earth people and that at DPR, those people are also incredibly smart and passionate about their work.
  • Most Useful App: Waze is my favorite for navigating around/through SoCal traffic. I even have a favorite Waze route between the Newport Beach and Pasadena offices.
  • Your Hero: My great-grandma Jojo was always up for a little mischief with a sparkle in her eye. She came to the U.S. alone at 14 and I’ve always admired her fierce independence and positive outlook on life.
  • Pet Peeve: Overfull work calendars; I hope to always be able to make time for the people I serve and up for an impromptu phone call.

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