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Jorinne Jackson

As the leader of Human Resources at DPR, Jorinne Jackson is dedicated to finding and helping to develop the right people. By managing our recruiting efforts, employee relations and employment law, Jorinne helps to ensure that all DPR employees share in our common purpose and core values and demonstrate a passion for what they do in the office or in the field. She shows a true talent for creating an effective and empowered workplace and is committed to understanding the needs of all DPR employees. One of the things Jorinne loves most about her role within human resources is working with a tight-knit group of six people, most of whom have been with DPR for more than 10 years.


  • Role: Human Resources
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Integrity
  • What You Love Most About Construction: Being a part of building life's structures
  • Most Useful App: Nike Training App
  • Desired Superpower: Time-travel
  • Word to the Wise (Advice): It's better to live a life with a few regrets than a life without one.

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