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George Pfeffer

When George Pfeffer graduated from Brown University with his electrical engineering degree, construction was only one of the industries he considered. Uninspired by potential positions in other industries, his passion for solving problems and love of human interaction, not to mention his summers wielding a hammer on a jobsite, made him a natural builder.

George has amassed many success stories during his more than 30-year construction career. He joined DPR in 1992 as a project engineer and then became DPR’s Redwood City office Regional Manager in 1999, overseeing the company’s largest office for seven years before his leadership and expertise were required full-time back in the field. In late 2005, long-standing customer, Genentech, called upon DPR for its 450,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility expansion that needed to be completed in 16 months after rebid, a project that many called impossible. George, who does not back down from a challenge, was the only person for the job and spent the project’s duration in Vacaville, Calif., successfully completing the world’s largest cell culture biotech manufacturing facility two weeks ahead of schedule and on budget. With his personal reputation as a builder unmatched in the industry, George serves as CEO and is a member of DPR's Leadership Team, working across DPR's Family of Companies to realize our vision, while enjoying every day in the construction industry and DPR as he did the first.

George assumed responsibilities as DPR's CEO in 2021.


  • Role and Responsibility: Leadership Team Member and CEO
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: The easy one is Enjoyment – why shouldn’t what we call work be intrinsically satisfying? However, I must say Ever Forward – how could you not love self-initiated change and the advancement of standards simply for the sake of improvement?
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: There is always something to learn, whether it’s a new topic or more about something you already think you know a lot about.
  • Favorite Subject in School: Robotics
  • Word to the Wise (Advice): Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

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