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As a student at Virginia Tech, Emily was on a path to be a structural engineer when an internship revealed a detail she wasn’t happy with—her time in the field would be almost non-existent. The next summer, she took a job with a general contractor and loved getting out in the field every day and interacting with people, while still using engineering and building knowledge.

Emily’s love of construction is two-fold. She has a passion for physically seeing the buildings built and how that work contributes to our cities and communities. And she enjoys how the construction industry involves so many different types of people and roles to successfully complete a job.

Since joining DPR in 2010, Emily has built a reputation as a strong operational leader known for driving consistency and improvement with every project and initiative. She led the special services group (SSG) in Richmond and has also worked on some of our more complex and highest profile projects across multiple core markets with customers such as VCUH, QTS, CBRE and HCA.


  • Role: Richmond Business Unit Leader
  • Favorite DPR core value: Ever forward—I love that we are always pushing the envelope and aiming for continual improvement.
  • Best vacation spot: Hilton Head Island, SC. I’ve been going to HHI every summer since I was five! I love the beach, bike paths, and restaurant, but I also love how familiar it is. It has also been so fun to watch my daughters do all the activities I did as a kid.
  • Favorite subject in school: I always loved art—even though I was much better at calculus! Art class was a time to not have to think so hard and just create.

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