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With more than 26 years of experience, Brent Bunting has a proven history of successfully building technically challenging projects and large teams with integral self-perform teams. He has worked in four of DPR’s five core markets, including the delivery of nearly $2 billion worth of commercial and hospitality work. Brent loves creating the built environment that our communities depend on and building relationships that expand beyond the project duration.

Brent grew up in construction, learning hands-on skills from his father, who was a general contractor. The two even teamed up on designing houses while Brent was still in high school. His first experience at DPR was an interaction with a supportive business unit leader across the country. That experience was such a positive moment that it demonstrated to Brent the strength of DPR’s core values.

He serves as the business unit leader for Nashville, an office that includes more than 400 team members, did over $1 billion in sales last year and is recognized by the Nashville Business Journal as Nashville's 3rd largest general contractor.


  • Role: Nashville Business Unit Leader
  • Favorite DPR core value: Ever Forward
  • First job: Paper route in the neighborhood I grew up in—200 papers delivered every day, rain or shine
  • Most useful app: Waze—it not only keeps me on schedule through all types of traffic, but also helps me discover new areas I may have never explored if not for the app.
  • Desired superpower: Time travel. What an amazing experience it would be to see periods in our world’s past.
  • My hero: My mother and father, who introduced me to a wide view of the world and a hard work ethic.
  • Word to the wise (advice): Don’t take for granted the power of a conversation; it’s what keeps us grounded and connected with the people that are so important to our business.

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